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Spring pots with a touch of gold

Hi friends! This is no secret, but I have a thing for gold! So, when I was looking at my table wondering what to have on it this spring I went with pretty pots painted white with metallic gold. I filled them with wheat grass and topped them off with pretty rocks. I love how it looks!


I painted the pots white with gold trim, I love that combo!

I free-handed the the gold lines down each pot, then drew slanted lines on one row connecting the next row of slanted lines going the opposite direction to create a herringbone pattern.

I filled each pot with wheat grass and topped the soil with pretty pebbles.

Did you notice the cute tray underneath the pots? I haven't secured the handles yet! That's phase 2!

I am smitten and want to thank the Happy Housie for this idea! Her herringbone pattern is so neat and tidy, mine is not, but that is okay, they still look good and they were quick and easy to make!

What do you have on your spring table this year?


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Organized with Discbound by Martha Stewart

Hey friends! I hope you are surviving these last few days of winter, we are lucky here in the northwest with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine! I feel for the east coast, I couldn't deal with all that snow this time of year, bring on spring!

I love what spring brings for me, birds chirpping, sunshine, spring cleaning, and getting organized! I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years now and work is calling me back to the table and I can't wait!

To get ready for my new venture I went to Staples and came across a leather Discbound organizer by Martha Stewart and I couldn't resist it!

I love it!

The best part is that they are totally customizable! I found these fun printables here, they came with calendar pages, to do lists and notes pages and they are just the right amount of fun!

 The Arc hole punch is an investment at around $40, but knowing that I can always print and customize my planner to fulfill my organizational needs is priceless!

The discs that make up the binder hold the pages in place and come in other sizes. I can already tell that I will be needing to upgrade to the next size soon!

The binder also comes with one plastic see thru sleeve to hold this and that.

I purchased two see thru zip pouches as well so I can stuff my receipts and other important things that I don't want to lose.

The Martha Stewart line also has binder tab dividers, but I wasn't all that thrilled with the color choices, so I made my own using cardstock and divider tabs!

I simply cut the cardstock to size, hole punched them and added the tabs.

I am so pleased with how it looks and how it will keep me organized!

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{DIY} St. Patrick's day runner

Okay, I think an obsession is forming.....table runner for every season?!?! Yep, I'm doing it. I can never find a runner for my table that is not expensive or cheesy. Not to mention the right size or as stylish as I want it! I feel like I am slave to what is out there, when I make my own I physically go to the craft store pick out my own fabric and get busy creating my own table runner!

This time for St. Patrick's day and the spring fever I am feeling I went with a fresh spring green chevron fabric.

If you follow me you might remember my Valentine's day runner here.

The runner just wouldn't be complete without a ruffle!

Find out how I made this runner here!

How are you decorating for St. Patrick's day? I can't help but love this transition to spring green!

Want more St. Patty's day projects? Here ya go:

Shamrock wreath

St. Patty's mantel

Reversible banner

Boxwood wreath

Mint chocolate crunch

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Spring fat to fit plan!

I have spring fever, I mean I am over winter and today's sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures has me longing for it! The thought of spring and summer to follow has me a little nervous about swimsuit season, yikes!! My goal is to step it up a notch and shed some poundage, no other option, I mean business! :)

I usually do pilates twice a week, but I am the first to admit that I need to work on adding some cardio- there is just no other way to really make a dent. Well, I guess the couple glasses of wine I have every night doesn't help, but I'm not sure I am ready to give that up yet, baby steps people.

It is time to stop the excuses and get moving, starting tomorrow, you wanna join me? We can report back in a couple weeks?? I have an exercise bike I like to ride first thing in the morning and a couple at home exercise plans and videos that I am planning on incorporating in like this one. I don't want to just lose weight, I want to sculpt and see some definition.

This image is not me, but it's the image I have of myself in my head, it will keep me going! I might print it and tape it to my mirror!

Next, cutting the carbs-yep those delicious yummy ever so comforting carbs, they gotta go. But, not the wine, not the wine. I gotta live a little, ya know?? I am also replacing a lunch and/or dinner 3 or 4 days a week with a smoothie or protein drink. That would make a dent right?

Finding the balance is really what it is all about.


Okay, so that is my plan. How about you, how do you stay fit? Or, are you just getting started like me?

I'll be back in 2 weeks to let you know how I am doing. I don't believe in scales, because we all know that muscle weighs more than fat, so I'll be photographing my progress in the mirror, yikes did I just say that? It scares me a little a lot!!

This whole process and promise to you is freaking me out a little, but I thought if I put it out there and promise to check back I will be more motivated and likely to keep to it. One day at a time, right?!?!?

Here goes, wish me luck!

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2014 Spring trend report

It is good to be home! My hubby and I took a little vacation down to our cabin in Sonoma, too bad we were both too sick to enjoy it!!! I'm over this winter season how about you???

When I got home and saw my latest Better Homes and Garden magazine that is oozing with spring inspiration I had to park it on the couch and take it all in (insert- birds chirping, windows open and flowers blooming). Ahhhh, can you feel it???

I found some spring trends, looks and inspiration to help us get thru the next few months! Depending on where you live the last picture may or may not be pleasing to you, I hope its wrong!

Anyway, here ya go!

2014 spring's Pantone color pallette


Color of the year!

 Pantone’s home + interiors 2014 color trend is called “fluidity”.


Makeup trends


Global lifestyle pallette


Here are the handbag trends and blush tones are in!


Fashion's spring trends


Stella & Dot accessory and jewlery trends


Swarovskli Crystals newest innovations! 


Zoya nail polish trends


Spring wedding palette trends


Benjamin Moore spring neutrals for your interior walls.


 Threshold spring collection


Nate Berkus' spring collection


 So, here it is.....does the following picture make you happy or longing with spring fever?!?!?


 I will have to find some ways to perk up my space with touches of spring to get me thru it. How about you, how are you getting thru this winter and possibly late to start spring???

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